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Auction at Christies London on December 10th

I was approached by the NSPCC as one of 50 Celebrity/ Artists to create a custom Paddington Bear which are were placed at various landmarks all around London. The story behind My FRAGILE is, The Beloved Paddington Bear is created in partnership with the NSPCC which supports abused and neglected children. Originally Paddington Bear came to England from Peru on a boat. When you send vulnerable goods on a ship you put a Fragile/ Handle with care sign on it. In the Movie His Tags says please take care of this Bear. This phrase can also be used in relation to Children. DONT ABUSE, HANDLE WITH CARE. WEAK 0r FRAGILE.

Materials: White fiberglass cast painted in White and Red text coated in a semi gloss polyurethane topcoat.

Dimensions: 3.5 feet tall on a base 800 X 800m